Fur So Soft. 100% Natural skin care products for dogs and cats. Free Shipping.
Fur So Soft. Skin and hair care products for dogs and cats.

Bath & Skin Care
For Your Pets

Makes fur softer, skin healthier, hypoallergenic
Skin and hair care products for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets with skin allergies to pollen and grass, cracked pads

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Control Allergies!

100% Pure Himalayan and Mineral salts, formulated to gently soften fur and moisturize skin

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Doggy Bath Salts


Fur So Soft. Bath Salts. 100% natural. For dogs and cats.

Great Alternative for Conditioners

  • Add salts to bath water, shampoo and rinse
  • Replace messy conditioners
  • Salts have natural moisturizing properties that hydrate skin
  • Returns pH balance to water
  • Helps revitalize hair and fur growth
  • Soothes dry and irritated skin
  • Eases matting and detangling knots when brushing or combing
  • Shortens bath time for you and your pet
  • Unscented, will not diminish fragrance of shampoo

Colour and additive free.

For chronic skin irritation, follow up daily with FUR SO SOFT Doggy Skin Spray.

Doggy Skin Spray


Fur So Soft. Doggy Skin Spray. skin care products for dogs and cats with allergies.

Cools Hot Spots, Calms Skin

  • Immediately relieves irritation caused by many skin conditions
  • Stimulates hair and fur growth
  • Soothe redness, chronic inflammation, and rashes caused by skin allergies
  • Cool hotspots
  • Reduce itching, scratching, licking
  • Soothe clipper rash
  • Reduce inflammation from allergies and bug bites
  • Relieve dry, cracked pads & moisturize paws

Does not contain color, chemicals, steroids, antibiotics or alcohol. Scent free.

Before going outside, spray directly on affected areas;
this creates a protective barrier against environmental allergens.

For continued relief, follow up with FUR SO SOFT Doggy Bath Salts.

Note: If symptoms persist or worsen, seek advice from a veterinarian. 


See what pet owners are saying about Fur So Soft!

“Very good for my dog’s fur, and less scratching!”
Margaret Uyede

Dog Owner

“I loved this product for my doggie Nyla, her coat was so soft!!! Thank you!”
Lia Rooke

Dog Owner

“Amazing! It gave Marley quick relief from hot spots and rash due to allergies”
Cindy Rea

Dog Owner

“Love it, works as expected!”
Bob Connely

Dog Owner